Do Not Blame the Messenger or Home Inspector

The last few years the real estate market has been slow in most areas of the country. When this happens some real estate agents get desperate to sell a home. Be certain that you are working with quality professionals during your home buying process.

Most agents are quality professionals and desire the best for their home buyers. However when times are tough and cash tight some will put their own needs above the home buyers needs and not recommend the more thorough home inspectors that are out there. These agents fear that an issue will be discovered that may as the agents call it “kill the deal”. As a result of this fear these agents may try to sway the home buyer to use a home inspector that is “soft” on a home. Some home inspectors are not very thorough or detailed orientated. Bad agents avoid using thorough inspectors for homes they are trying to sell. These same agents will use these inspectors for family members who are home buying. Odd how some inspectors are viewed as too picky by agents for clients but fine for family members and themselves to use.

Home inspectors can be an issue also. Some fear not getting referrals because of being thorough. Newer inspectors are more likely to report softer on a home so as to not “kill the deal” and to gain favor from the agents. This is a bad practice that will wind up with issues and unhappy home owners. There was a legal case in which an agent was sued and lost because the agent used a soft inspector that did not discover issues with a home. A thorough home inspector is better for everyone.

Lets be clear that it is not the inspector that kills the deal it is the current or the previous home owner that kills the deal. The seller is the one that damages the sale and make it harder by not maintaining their home in the condition that it should have been kept at in the first place. A thorough home inspector will find issues and provide very useful information to the home buyer or to the home seller if the home seller is willing to learn.