4 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector in Searching For the Best One

Home inspection is an important step in buying a house. It is like an annual check-up to a new home. The procedure is done by assessing the structure of a property and reviewing the property’s major systems. Just by the initial step, that is looking at the foundation of a home, a certified home inspector will be able to tell if the foundation of a home is safe or with damage. Home inspection is necessary nowadays though not mandatory. But, since buyers are becoming aware as consumer, this inspection has become a vital step to produce a decision. Buyers prepare questions to ask home inspector.

What is the home inspector’s qualification? Buyers have the right to ask if the home inspector is a part of National Association of Home Inspectors or any professional body. A highly-credible inspector is a follower of his or her profession’s standard of practice. The rate of the job is sometimes affected by its qualification. When it comes to license, some states require one and some don’t. Like for Arizona, California and FL., each state has its own standing when it comes to licensing.

What kind of training has the inspector experienced? An inspector is required to easily spot flaws in the house. One of the questions to ask home inspector is if he or she has undergone trainings. The process requires crawling, checking on leaks, cracks, stains and climbing roofs. A well-trained person can easily locate faults, analyze, provide reasons and suggest solutions.

What is the scope of the inspection? Buyer may ask what the scope of inspection is. Ideally, a home inspector has checklist of the inspection may it be a standard or comprehensive inspection. This list helps the home inspector assess each specific aspect of the area. The structure of the house is the initial step, followed by visual inspection of the chimney, roof, eaves and rain gutters. The electrical systems are also included and the usual circuit breaker box, outlets and switches. The ventilation system as well as the heating and air conditioning system are part of the inspection. Other included in order to produce a quality assessment are plumbing system, insulation in the house, door and windows, exhaust fans and smoke alarms and unseen by homeowner like molds and wall leaks.

Can a buyer be present during the inspection? Buyer may also ask if he or she can be present during the inspection. This is an assurance for the buyer that the time is well-spent by the inspector of the property. It is also the same with the assurance that the house inspector has covered everything from top to bottom of the list. Accompanying the house inspector is a good experience for the buyer. It gives the opportunity for the buyer to understand what kind of property he or she is about to buy. A good home inspector not only demonstrates the inspection work but also explains its findings.

Home inspection industry is still strong despite economic downturn. There is a continuous room for growth in this industry as consumer demands more. The rate is generally high. Home inspection is a service being paid for an honest report assessment, it is the right of the buyer to make questions to ask home inspector in order to find a good and credible one.